5 things to look for in a dog daycare

If you look around carefully, you will realize that dog daycare facilities are not the same. And you must choose the perfect dog daycare services for your pet. Although there are several ways of finding dog daycare services, you should screen them to select the right one, considering some essential factors.

If you want to choose the best dog daycare services, here are 5 things to look for in a dog daycare:

1. Cleanliness

When you visit a dog daycare for inspection, look at every nook and cranny carefully. Do not overlook dirty spots. Pay attention to the smell of the facility. Do you smell dog dirt or filth in the air? Look out for dirt, hair, water, poop, and other signs of uncleanliness in the facility. Moreover, look out for clutters that may be unsafe for dogs.

2. Employees

Take a look at the employees or staff, paying attention to their body language and attitude to the dogs and work. Are they busy making phone calls? Do they have experience with your dog’s breed? Watch their interactions with dogs and note the differences. This will let you know if they understand how to relate to different breeds of dogs.

3. Safety

Apart from taking note of items that may be harmful to dogs, pay attention to the employees. Do employees monitor all dog interactions? Are the employees qualified or well-trained? Watch how they stop dog fights. Note how they separate dogs – Is the grouping by size and temperament? How many dogs are assigned to an employee? This hints about the level of safety you should expect for your dog if you choose dog daycare services.

4. Rest Places

Does the dog daycare have adequate kennels where dogs can rest uninterrupted after play sessions? Regardless of how playful dogs are, they cannot play for 8 hours straight. As a result, there should be adequate rest places for dogs to rest. This allows them to recuperate and rejuvenate.

5. Play Spaces

The play spaces need to be adequate to allow dogs to mingle conveniently and prevent congestion. Besides, the place area must be clean, free from dirt and mud. Poops must be picked up immediately and the area must be sanitized.


The above are crucial things to look for when considering the right dog daycare services for your dog. The mood and health of your dog can be affected by the condition of the dog daycare services you choose.

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