Spring Is In The Air For Animals And Humans

As more people are venturing outdoors into the fresh air and sunshine, so are the furry, slithery, and curious critters. We all seem to have spring fever in common, and it is possible to share spaces safely by giving each other plenty of room to pass on life’s path. If you have discovered that one of these animals is not so fond of giving you your space you should know that Monterey Park Animal Control provides humane animal trapping and removal.

No matter the season it is not uncommon to come across a wild animal in your yard or even inside a home or business. If you do see a wild animal be sure to give it some space as it is likely afraid of you and cornering it may end up disastrous. If the animal does not scurry on its way or repetitively returns to your home or yard causing a disruption do not try to catch it with your hands, call someone to come and set a live trap. A live trap captures the animal with zero harm, so it can be moved to a better suited location. If you have noticed odd noises at night in your floorboards or scratching in the ceiling, chances are you do not have ghosts but a family of skunks, raccoons, or even bats.

Monterey Park Animal Control is experienced in raccoon, snake, squirrel, bat, and even skunk removal. They have the equipment and expertise to make animal removal as fast and efficient as possible for your convenience as well as the animal’s safety and comfort. Call the Monterey Park Animal Control, and you might be surprised at how efficiently they solve your critter problem.

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