Christmas present ideas for your beloved hound

It’s that time of year again… prezzie planning! But getting something special for your four-legged friend is just as important as choosing gifts for all your other family members. If you’re wondering what to get your furry friend for Christmas this year, take a look at these present ideas that will be sure to get their tail wagging.

Winter dog clothes

Buying your dog something to wear that will also keep him warm is an ideal gift. There are so many clothing options on the market for dogs today, such as furry coats, cute jumpers, fluffy hats and even little booties to keep paws warm on the cold floor. Doggie clothing is not just for smaller dogs either. Waterproof jackets are great for larger dogs with lots of hair, for example. Plus it saves a lot of drying down with towels after a walk in the rain. Check out Barking Mad who have a fabulous selection of winter woollies to help keep your dog warm during the winter months.

Christmas dog treats

It’s not just the kids that enjoy special food treats at Christmas. Your dog will love some of the novelty shaped chews, biscuits and snacks that are available at this time of the year. Most pet shops sell doggie stockings that contain a collection of meaty snacks with some fun flavours such as turkey and cranberry, lamb cookies, turkey candy canes or Christmas pudding flavour. If you want to look after your dog’s teeth at the same time, Wild Thoughts’ natural dog chews are fantastic for your dog to have a good chew on while also helping to keep his teeth and gums in good condition.

Heated dog beds

Heated dog beds are not only practical but will ensure your beloved hound stays warm through the cold winter months. There are lots of different sized heated beds on the market that make them perfect for any dog breed. Heated dog beds come with a vinal heat pad that is plugged into a power socket. Your pooch will feel snug and warm as he sleeps – the heat pad is very similar to the electric blankets used on a human’s bed. Your dog will love sleeping in a heated bed and with prices starting from as little as £35, this has to be a top Christmas present.

Interactive dog toys

Interactive dog toys are not only good for keeping your dog occupied, but they also help if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or tends to overeat when bored. The toys work through releasing a treat when the dog solves the puzzle/game. Once the dog has worked out what to do to get the treat out, there will be no stopping him. Some interactive dog toys include:

* Mind game moving puzzles
* Interactive dog fetch and treat
* Bubble guns
* Interactive puzzle balls

Make sure you don’t forget your furbaby this Christmas and give him a Christmas present that he will love.

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