Giving Your New Cat Comfort at Home

Cats are good companionship animals that will help kick the boredom out of your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also keep away the pesky rodents from terrorizing your house. Their playful personalities and affectionate behavior make them the ideal pet for your home.

However, having a cat at home also means you’ll need to make them feel comfortable. If it’s a new cat, perhaps it will require some time before they settle in well. The best thing you can do is allowing them enough time to adjust to their new environment without rushing the process.  You can also do the following to make the transition as easy as possible.

Give Them an Expanded Territory

The fact is, cats love exploring whenever they get to a new environment. Being naturally born pleasure seekers, you’ll probably need to contend with their exploration around comfortable places in your home.

You can make this easy and comfortable for them by expanding the exploration territory. This may also involve expanding the comfort zone by selecting the right equipment that will give them enough space to keep them engaged.

A Cat tree can help you achieve this as it grants your cat its own space. Cat trees also come with added benefits such as encouraging exercise and giving your cat a safe place to scratch and play.

Enough Play Time with Them Will Help

Granting your cat enough play time every day will help them settle fast and easy. You can do this through the use of toys whereby the cat can chase and kick them around.  Creating this playing culture between you and your cat helps them fulfill their natural need to hunt.

Give Them a Bird Viewing Station

Cats love birds, which is probably why most of them love the thrill of killing lots of birds and other little mammals. Apart from that, birds are also a natural attraction to cats. Therefore, it helps a lot if you can indulge this attraction by putting up a bird viewing station inside your home.

You can achieve this by installing a cat window perch and a bird feeder outside the window. This gives your cat enough time to view and enjoy the presence of the bird without harming them.

Consider The Right Feeding

To keep your cat calm, you’ll need a calm environment for their feeding. This involves knowing the type of food to give them and where you are feeding them from. The right dish for your cat needs to be one that ensures they are comfortable enough. In this case, use a shallow dish with short sides where your cat can have its food without touching the whiskers.

When considering the ideal feeding spot, keep in mind that cats feel vulnerable while eating. Any form of interference will lead to them running away and becoming less settled all through the mealtime. You can identify a good place in your home, such as a corner where your cat will feel more safe and free from any intrusion.

Final Thought

Cats are animals that live on specific habits. Therefore, getting your cat used to a given schedule increases their level of comfort in your home. Achieving this will mean your cat adjusts well to the surrounding, hence allowing them to give you the necessary companionship.

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