What are the best green parrots that you can take care of?

Green is the superior color in most parrot species globally, which you can keep as pets. You will know their size and feather pattern when you see green parrots. And there are green parrots that have bright colors that you see in their feathers. While others have fine markings, they are intelligent and have an excellent personalities. When you have plans to get a bird, these are the green parrots you can choose from.


It is one of the famous green parrots. Even though it is not pure green, they have a mixture of yellowish-green with black spotting and striping patterns. Budgies are intelligent and social but easy to take care of. You can house them with a limited space than that giant parrot. They need to do different physical and mental exercises.

Male Eclectus

It is an astonishing type of green parrot, and they are sexually dimorphic. It means it can see the bird’s sex by looking at its feathers. When you see a more significant, bright green with an orange beak, it is a male Eclectus. The female is bright red. These birds are affectionate and social, but they will feel stressed when you are not giving them attention.


Every lovebird species have different colors, but all the species have green in their feathers. These birds are small, but they have a big personality. From its name, they are affectionate and tamed birds. They will be aggressive, which results in a nippy bird.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

The Indian ringneck parakeets have a pastel green color on their feathers. They are not an ideal choice for untrained bird owners. But when you see a bluffing phase while growing because of their hormonal aggression. This type of bird is brilliant, and it needs different physical and mental stimulation to make them happy.

Green-Cheeked Conure

The green-cheeked conures are small, spunky birds with green color in their feathers. It has a combination of blue, red, and gray. They mostly like to bond with their caretakers, and they love to socialize and play. But this type of bird likes to pick its feathers when they feel overlooked. And you have to ensure that you are giving a few hours of your time every day to play with them.

Pacific Parrotlet

It is known as pocket parrots because of their small size, and they are a charming but somehow feisty type of bird. The pocket parrots crave attention, and you need to spend them with them to keep them tame. They will become nippy when you are not paying your time with them. Since they are intelligent and active birds, they also have to spend time outside for enrichment and exercise.

Before adopting a bird, you have to know at least the types of the best species for you and your home. You have to avoid adopting them when you don’t have enough time. They are certain species that need your attention, and when you don’t give them, they will become nippy. It is best to know their certain species and whether they are perfect for you.

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