4 Ways to Male Your Home More Cat Friendly

Cats cannot be more different from dogs as cats are closely associated with their wild asocial ancestors. As much as your cat might seem friendly, unfazed, and confident, they may be struggling to live in an environment that is very different from that of their wild relatives.

Every cat is supposed to thrive and adapt to its new home. As much as it is essential to keep the cat in great physical health, you need to ensure that they also feel secure and safe in your home. Additionally, your pets should have entertainment sources to experience positive emotions and play. Here are some great ways to achieve this.

1.Create vertical space for your cat

One of the best ways to make your home more friendly for your cat is to expand their world by creating vertical space. It leads to more room, providing your cat with freedom and enough spots to go around. This is essential, especially if your home is small.

Having a tall cat tree for large cat will allow your pet to survey their world from a high point. It will also encourage them to exercise by giving them structures to climb and jump on. You can also use stacked shelves to create additional vertical space for your pets.

2.Give your cats a room with a view

Cats enjoy and love looking out of the window; thus, you should create a lookout for them. A window perch or strategically situated bookcase or shelf will allow your cat to stare out into the world. You may never know why cats love staring outside, but creating this opportunity will make your cat happier. Ensure that you take precautions, as the presence of outdoor cats can make your indoor pet uncomfortable.

3.Put scratching posts at appropriate points for your cat

Your cat has a good reason for picking places such as your sofa for scratching because this is where they mark their territory. Reflecting on the amount of time you spend in these areas will allow you to understand that your cats want to leave their mark there, as an indication of co-ownership. Instead of hiding away your cat’s scratching posts, please place them in the places where your pet likes scratching.

4.Get a cocoon for your cat

For your home to be a cat-friendly place, you need a place for your cat to snuggle up and hide. Providing a snuggle spot for your pet to disappear in plain sight will let the cat feel safe, secure, and loved. A cocoon in plain sight is better than a hidden one, as it will help your cat build confidence and blend in with your family.

Cats want to feel secure and as part of the family. They also like to explore their wild side, which is why they need a lot of space to play around and express themselves. These tips will help you make your living space a better home for your feline friend.

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