Common List Of Food Items That Cats Can Eat

There is so much hype about the food that cats can eat. As a cat owner, one has to be particular about the food items he/she is feeding the cat. The market is flooded with a wide array of cat food products. It is overwhelming to visit cat food stores and get hold of the right products. Several cat owners prepare home-based food for their cats, while others prefer store-bought items.


Perhaps there is nothing better to feed the cat than home-cooked rice. It is a fantastic food item to fill a cat’s stomach. Moreover, it is safe to feed rice to cats. But one has to be careful that the rice doesn’t contain any onion and garlic as these two ingredients can be toxic for the cats.

Cooked chicken and eggs

Cats love eating chicken whether it is roasted, baked, or grilled. One can even feed the pet with the chicken that one cooks for the family. The only thing that should be kept in mind is the use of limited cooking oil and spices.

Because of the nutritious values of eggs both boiled and scrambled, it is considered extremely healthy and beneficial for the cat’s overall development and growth. When one feeds the cat with eggs it is essential to consider that it is fully cooked lest it makes the cat sick. Providing nutritious cat food is essential for the overall development of the cat.

Cheese and peanut butter

Cats are in love with dairy products like cheese and peanut butter. Often cat owners treat their pet dairy products as special food. It is recommended by experts that initially the cats should be fed with peanut butter, cheese, and other dairy products in limited or small quantities. This helps the cat to get adapted to any new food item that gets introduced in the meal plan. Furthermore, it is also essential for cat owners to examine whether the cat is allergic to dairy products. Allergic reactions from dairy products can be hazardous for cats.

Fruits and vegetables

Whether a cat owner is supplying his/her cat with carrots, green beans, bananas, watermelons, or berries, it is considered healthy for the cat. Feeding fruits and vegetables to cats might sound strange, but they are rich in nutritional values and very good for cats’ health. Furthermore, they are considered good snack options for the cat.

Cats love tuna fish

If one is wondering whether a cat can eat tuna fish or not, the answer is in the affirmative. A cat can enjoy the treat of tuna fish which is not only delicious to eat but is a healthy option too. Apart from feeding fresh tuna to cats, the supermarket is flooded with cat food that contains tuna fish ingredients. It is a popular food among cats and cat-owners around the world.

Why tuna?

Tuna contains a high concentration of protein and is extremely beneficial for cats’ health. Tuna also consists of omega 3 fatty acids that prevent irregular heartbeat, reduce inflammation, controls high blood pressure, and also maintain great vision in cats. Moreover tuna fish also contains Vitamin B6 and B12, folic acid, selenium, and so on, which are considered good for cats.

Tuna fish is easily digestible by cats but one has to take good care while feeding tuna.  The fish gets stuck in the gaps of your cat’s teeth and the pet owner might complain of his/her cat’s bad breath for a few days.

Consulting a veterinarian

But few cats might be allergic to high protein meals and fall sick after eating such food items, though this is a rare situation. If one isn’t sure whether the cat is allergic to high-protein food items like tuna fish, it is better to consult a veterinarian before feeding. Though tuna fish is considered to be nutritious and healthy, it is recommended not to make it a regular meal.


Giving the right cat food aids in the health of the cat. It depends on the cat owner whether he/she wants to treat the pet from store-bought items or prepare meals from fresh items. No matter what food is fed to the cat, consulting a veterinarian regularly is a good idea. This helps the cat owner understand the foods that are good for his/her pet, and eliminate those that create allergic reactions.

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