What do you have to consider in breeding Parrots?

When you are interested in breeding Parrots, you have to know the essential factors to success. It would help if you had time to take care of your Parrots, make pairs from young birds, and keep the livestock. You must have enough experience to handle taking care of Parrots. Not all can maintain the Parrots for years with poor breeding results. It is not only because you have many birds to take care of and don’t have enough time to spend on every pair. However, you lack the idea of knowing how to take care of them.

It is all about the caring process that makes it the best for every pair. When you are interested in breeding parrots, you need enough knowledge. These are the factors you have to consider in breeding Parrots.

Do research.

In all the members, Parrot is one apparent. There are different behaviors to many Parrot species in captivity, mostly 200 species. But some keepers are certain to feed and house their Parrots with less consideration for the requirements of every species. It is why researching is ideal when you like to breed Parrots. The best thing you have to do is visit and speak to all the breeders and sellers. You can read books that are trustworthy authors. It will help you on how to breed-specific parrots.


When breeding, you have to remember that every pair has its enclosure. It needs to be separated from the other by using a double-welded mesh. Even though you are taking care of young birds, it can cause a fatal injury to another aviary. You have to plan carefully to make an ideal cage to avoid the other birds from having injuries.


Understand any potential problems

The breeding season for Parrots is a stressful time for them. Some females are dying because of calcium deficiency, which can cause the male parrots’ egg-binding and attack. Not only female Parrots are dying but also males. They are drying because of feeding a big nestful of chicks or territorial aggression, which can cause a high level of stress. Most birds defend their place, which often neglects the female or outlets their attack, leading to fatal results. These are the problems you have to handle when breeding Parrots. And it would be best if you had a plan when things are getting sideways.

Colony breeders

Few Parrot species are not aggressive. They welcome the company of their same breed when they are breeding. It developed to live and produce closely, and the level of aggression is minimal. The species like Peach-faced Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Budgerigars are the species that you can breed on the colony system.


What is good about breeding Parrots is that they are the ones that choose their mates. The only reason for the breeding process to be a failure is incompatibility. The types of green parrots only tolerate their partner, but they will not breed unless they change. It is one of the problems that is sometimes overlooked. It will be hard to attract birds to accept a new partner when the partner dies.

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