Investing in Agriculture

Investing in agriculture takes on different forms, from organic farming to growing more profitable, in demand crops. It’s so important to invest your time and money in your agriculture to ensure a successful farming business. We have some great tips to share with you for investing in your farming, read on for more information.

Organic Agriculture

Organic farming is based on the principles of enhancing natural biological cycles by exploiting nature to its benefit. There is emphasis on optimising animal welfare, human health, and plant life. There are some essentials required when beginning your organic farming journey, and if you’re unsure where to start on product research you can head to online reputable agricultural retailers such as Wynnstay to find out more information.

Essentials Required:

  • Land: For your organic veg production and animal welfare
  • Equipment: Producing quality vegetables requires expensive and sophisticated equipment that may not be on a standard farm, i.e. cooling equipment
  • Labour: Both organic vegetables and animals require a lot of handling and care, so only invest in agriculture if you’re prepared to put the time in

Profitable Crops

Profitable crops are essential when investing in your agriculture. In 2019/20, average Farm Business Income was lower for cereal, general cropping, lowland grazing livestock, mixed and horticulture farms.

Cash crops to consider are:

  • Garlic
  • Lavender
  • Specialty Mushrooms
  • Christmas Trees

These are fantastic for profitability, particularly if you’re a smaller farm. Alternatively, you can consider:

  • Naked Oats
  • Food Barley
  • Legumes
  • Alternative Wheats

Animal Welfare

 Interest in animal welfare is fast growing but there is still room for huge improvements. Actions truly speak louder than words here and it’s time to invest a little more time and money into your animal welfare. The law isn’t always strong enough in providing detailed understanding to individuals running a farm so from a moral perspective, taking extra precautions is necessary. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that align with their values so improving your animal welfare will likely increase the value of your business.

Animal Housing

 As part of your plan to improve the welfare of your animals, aside from the right food, health care, and enrichment, you need to ensure the housing for your animals is the perfect home for them. They need to feel safe, warm, and dry, with enough space to move around at ease. Shelter is the primary need for most things on this planet and here are points to check when selecting the right shelter:

  • Shaded protection from the sun
  • Protection from rain, wind, and snow
  • Good ventilation
  • Clear walkways
  • Grooming Aids

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