What to Pack to the Dog Park

Heading to the dog park? It’s much easier and enjoyable when you come prepared. These are amazing destinations to head to with your dog, especially during the spring and summer.

However, with the water, heat, along with the other people and dogs, things can go south unless you have the items you need. Besides a no pull dog harness, here is the ultimate checklist to help you prepare for your next trip to the dog park.

  1. Water

There are dog parks that have drinking fountains for both the dogs and people. However, the parks switch off the water to prevent freezing during the colder season. Other times, it can be packed with other people and dogs, or unexpectedly break down.

If that happens, it’s best to bring 2 bottles for every dog and person coming with you. Pack a collapsible bowl, jugs, and even a pet water bottle (like from PetSwag) for you and your dog for easy access to water all the time.

  1. Towels

You never know where your dog can end up going. During the muddy days, your dog will end up rolling around and accumulating much and dirt. You don’t want that in your car!

Parks have water sources for bathing and cleanup, so bring a towel and dog shampoo to make sure your dog enters the car and your home clean. You should also have an extra leash and collar in case they get wet, too. Speaking of collars, be sure that they have a current ID tag in case they go missing!

  1. Waste bags and hand sanitizer

While dog parks may provide waste bags, you never know when they will run out. You need to clean up after your dog in case they defecate or make mess, so have waste bags on hand to reduce the trash around the park.

Furthermore, you should bring hand sanitizer to use after handling dog waste and trash. This will prevent you from carrying any dirt and germs into your car and back home.

  1. Your dog’s favorite toys

Make the dog park even more exciting for your pets with their favorite toys, such as balls and frisbees! They are perfect for dogs that love to play fetch.

Do NOT bring any toys they are extremely attached to though, like blankets and stuffed toys. They may end up being taken away by other dogs or destroyed after a day out.

  1. Your patience

You’re in the dog park, so expect dogs to act like dogs! You will be surrounded by a ton of dogs and pet owners, so bring your patience and kindness with you. Let your dog take the time to enjoy himself for a few hours, allow him to play as you sit back and watch, or mingle with other pet owners as well.

Wrapping It Up

With the right items prepared, your dog will be ready and enjoy himself in the dog park! Make sure you prepare a checklist like this and pack what your dog wants and needs for a fun time.

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