The ultimate Checklist for the value of Dog Treat Subscription Boxes

The rise of dog treat subscription boxes has been massive. 

The only problem has been that many times there contain what the seller wants to get rid of, at maximum profit, and often NOTHING to do with the health of your dog.

You might also find that its only the large companies, that have venture capital backing, that can do the advertising for their products to dominate the market – keeping out the companies that could provide you with healthy options.

But that is BTW, something that sounds more conspiracy than reality. But I take your dogs health very seriously.  We are now going to look at what dog treat subscription boxes provide in a perfect world, when all things are done right – for the dog first, and dog owner second, dog subscription supplier last.  Which hopefully will help you make wiser choices for your dogs health and your pocket.

THE POSTIVES of dog subscription boxes

1   Convenience

This is the number one reason usually given for purchase.  In this Amazon world, where everything is available 24 x 7,  and  at no delivery cost (when you are on their paid postal subscription model),  everyone expects everything to be a FREE home delivery.  What’s inside the package almost becomes secondary.

You might also think that supermarkets are super convenient, but since the Global covid pandemic, it seems that people don’t always want to socialise at the supermarkets so much, anymore.

And you will also find that when added to the weekly shop, buying supermarket treats, often of questionable quality and range, subscription boxes that you know will be delivered around the same time every month, with enough to last a month, are actually of great and better benefit.

2  Variety –  is a close second to convenience.

This of course is dependent on what the subscription-based model has available.  But typically a subs box from a quality ‘dog treats’ provider, will have a much wider range than any supermarket.

Some subscription boxes are little more than plastic toys and unhealthy dog doughnuts.  But for those companies providing meat-based treats, and a wide variety of options, the subscription model, can take away much of the stress of variety.


Again, the pandemic was the flashpoint in giving more people time to shop for the products they really wanted (online).  Then post pandemic with soaring inflation, and cost of living pressures, this trend has continued.

The thing is, that saving money, isn’t always the same as boosting health.  Some subs box companies think that just pitching a low-price product (a sweet spot in fees), will reel everyone in.  That people won’t know what quality is, or even care, as long as they get the box once a month and it has enough variety and colour to please them.

Unfortunately, dogs only see half the colour spectrum, so many of those snazzy toy colours are wasted on your dog.

Our own personal sub box offerings are built with a strong awareness of the refined understanding of natural quality products, or more specifically, dog treats, that many owners now have.  And that is why we have several different sizes of bags (of the same or similar dog treat varieties to choose from).

Most owners consider true price savings to actually mean a discount on the cost per box of treats because they are essentially buying in bulk (over a year rather than just a one-off purchase).

We personally go one further to give a discount on six-month subs offerings, as well as nearly double the discount percentage off per pack, if owners buy a yearly subscription upfront.

Make sure your choice includes a hefty discount for your commitment!

4   Customising boxes

Some companies go down a totally customisable package, but the software for this, and the complexity in order packing often incurs a complexity and price premium that its not worth it for the buyer or seller.

We thought about this conundrum long and hard and came up with a great way to customize, and add variety.  We decided to offer the same packs sent each month, as well as a rotation of three popular pack bundles over a three-month rotation.

When people order from a healthy dog treat supplier (that believes in animal product nutrition) – this means that their dogs never get bored of what arrives every month, because the offering isn’t repeated for another three months, which means that they don’t get the same treats for a two month break.


While we list this as last, this is our first concern.

The problem with healthy is that large commercial dog food companies have done such a good job at convincing people that Grain and veggies are the healthiest option, that people happily buy bags filled with 75% o f these.  Actual health would mean the other way around.  75%  MEAT (dry weight) in those bags.

Economics and profit stop that from happening, so your subs box is one of the best ways of getting meat into what is primarily a carnivore species (that can tolerate plant matter).  We believe in this so strongly that we even include shark cartilage as because its one of the world’s best joint support medications, as well as a low fat, teeth cleaning product.  And dogs love it!

Being healthy for dogs is the opposite of bland.  They love meat, and mostly can’t get enough of it.  That is why we always recommend buying a subs dog box, from a dog treat supplier, who specialises in natural meat based/ animal-based treats …

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