What to Do When Grooming Senior Dogs

Grooming your dog is a very personal thing for your pup. There’s a trust level that your dog has when you’re cleaning and grooming it. Senior dogs may be sensitive to certain things in their older age, so it may take more time and care to get this done. Here are some things to do when grooming senior dogs.

Have Your Dog Lay on a Comfortable Surface

Comfort is everything for an older dog, especially if they have ailments like arthritis. You want to lay them or stand them up on a surface that’s soft and doesn’t slide around when they move a bit. Comfortable mats over dog grooming tables would work best because of the stability and better material used during the grooming process.

Also, it’ll allow your dog to be relaxed to stay in one place. You may need to take some extra time to groom it. It’ll give you a chance to cover your bases to make sure your dog is healthy.

It’s not a bad idea to pick one of your dog’s favorite areas because that’ll keep him calm as well.

Choose Smoother Brushes

Your dog’s fur and skin texture may change over time. Softer and gentler brushes can go over the skin smoothly. Your dog may have some bumps or sensitive areas where they’re more susceptible to irritation.

The elasticity of your dog’s skin can make it prone to breakouts, so picking a smoother brush will help you get more done at a time. Additionally, you’ll help the skin and fur stay healthier even in your dog’s later years.

Keep Grooming Sessions Short

Your older dogs may act as your senior relatives in that they don’t have patience. Younger dogs may be a bit more focused on a 30-minute session. However, older dogs are more free-willed and don’t like the idea of being somewhere they don’t want to be for maybe 10 minutes at a time.

Remember, you want your dog to pay attention to what’s going on to help you finish your grooming session. After 10 minutes of grooming, let your dog do what it wants. Give your dog a treat for allowing you to groom it. Also, you can do this three times a week to ensure that he’s good to go.

Senior dogs take more care than your younger ones. Pick a surface that’s comfortable and stable, choose a softer brush, and keep grooming time short and frequent to help you take care of your furry friend.

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